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Started by Erin Barker on Feb 12, 2015 at 3:44pm | No Replies
Family (2 parents, 1 child) seeking to rent home, duplex, or apartment from about Aug. 1, 2015 to July 15, 2016.
Prefer three bedrooms in a family-friendly neighborhood.  Furnished, including appliances.  Accepting pets, if possible, for an older, lazy 28-pound dog.
Location in or near Westmount, NDG, Montreal West. Price to be discussed, with desired range up to about $1,750 CAD.
We are visiting Montreal on sabbatical leave from the USA, to attend school, and to experience your wonderful city.
Please contact Christa at +1 608/438-6666 (USA) or cowesterberg@uwalumni.com

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