2002-2007 Agreement

Download the 2002-2007 Collective Agreement

Letters of Agreement

Letters of Agreement between Concordia University and the Concordia University Faculty Association.

Agreement concerning limited term appointments
Agreement concerning promotion ot Assistant ETAs to Associate Professor
Agreement concerning promotion of members with recently awarded Doctoral Degrees
Agreement concerning additional steps in the salary grid for Librarian 1

Market Supplements

Market Supplements for 2004 – 05 [revision of Collective Agreement, Appendix 5]

Salary Grids

Salary grids for Librarians, Tenure Track Members, Extended Term Appointments and Limited Term Appointments

Librarian’s Grid June 2003
Librarian’s Grid June 2004
Librarian’s Grid June 2005
Librarian’s Grid June 2006

ETA Grid June 2003
ETA Grid June 2004
ETA Grid June 2005
ETA Grid June 2006

Tenure Track Grid June 2003
Tenure Track Grid June 2004
Tenure Track Grid June 2005
Tenure Track Grid June 2006

LTA Grid Revised 2003-2006