2007-2012 Agreement


Table of Articles and Summaries

Article Number Article Name Changes
1 Preamble Unchanged
2 Definitions Key changes
3 Recognition and Jurisdiction Key changes
4 Governance Key changes
5 Management Rights Unchanged
6 Academic Freedom Unchanged
7 Discrimination, Harassment, Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Key changes
8 Rights of the Association Editorial changes
9 Excluded Positions Key changes
10 Correspondence and Information Editorial changes
11 Committees Key changes
12 Appointment of Faculty Members Key changes
13 Appointment of Librarians Key changes
14 Reappointment, Promotion and Evaluation of Faculty Key changes
15 Reappointment, Promotion and Evaluation of Librarians Key changes
16 Duties and responsibilities of Faculty Key changes
17 Duties and Responsibilities of Librarians Key changes
18 Tenure for Faculty Members Key changes
19 Tenure for Librarians Members Key changes
20 Academic Unit Heads and Supervisory Librarians Key changes
21 Appeal Key changes
22 Grievance & Arbitration Key changes
23 Personnel Files Key changes
24 Outside Professional Activities Editorial changes
25 Reduced-Time Appointments Editorial changes
26 Sabbaticals Key changes
27 Intellectual Property Key changes
28 Resignation Editorial changes
29 Disciplinary Measures and Dismissal Key changes
30 Statutory and Non-Statutory Holidays Editorial changes
31 Vacation Editorial changes
32 Leave Without Pay Editorial changes
33 Sick Leave and Compassionate Leave Editorial changes
34 Political Leave and Court Leave Editorial changes
35 Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave Key changes
36 Retraining Leave Editorial changes
37 Misconduct in Academic Research and Scholarship Unchanged
38 Stipends and Additional Compensation Key changes
39 Salary Structure Key changes
40 Annual Adjustments to Salaries Key changes
41 Benefits Editorial
42 Retirement Key changes
43 Transfers and Mergers Key changes
44 Adjustments to Units for Academic Reasons Editorial changes
45 Financial Emergencies Editorial changes
46 Notice of Temporary Closure Editorial changes
47 Strikes and Lock-Outs Editorial changes
48 Miscellaneous Key changes
49 Negotiation Procedures Unchanged
50 Amendments to the Act of Incorporation Unchanged
51 Copies of the Agreement Unchanged
52 Transition, Duration and Retroactivity Key changes

Table of Appendices

Appendix Number Appendix Name/Text
1 Certification
2 Supplemental Retirement Pension (SRP) for CUFA Employees of Concordia University
3 Market Supplements
4 Salary Grids for Faculty Members
5 Salary Grids for Librarian Members
6 Terms for Supervisory Librarians
7 Letter of Agreement Assistant Professor ETA promotion to Associate Professor
8 Harassment
9 Declaration of Invention
10A University-led Commercialization
10B Member-led Commercialization of a Qualifying Invention

Letters of Agreement

Agreement concerning eConcordia