Remembering the Polytechnique Tragedy

Somber anniversary. On December 6, 1989, 31 years ago, fourteen young women studying to become engineers were murdered because they were women. One still shudders in the face of so much cold and murderous rage. Violence against women remains a… Read More »

Se souvenir de la tragédie de Polytechnique

Sombre anniversaire. Il y a 31 ans, le 6 décembre 1989, quatorze jeunes femmes étudiant pour devenir ingénieures ont été tuées parce que femmes. On frissonne encore face à tant de rage froide et assassine. La violence envers les femmes… Read More »

No Teaching Evaluation This Fall

CUFA is pleased to report, that at the Liaison Committee meeting yesterday, an agreement was reached with the Employer that there will be no teaching evaluations in the fall semester courses and for as long as faculty will continue to… Read More »

Time for Real Change

CUFA acknowledges the current worldwide outcry to put an end to blatant racism and police brutality following the horrendous circumstances of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers two weeks ago. Today is his funeral. CUFA supports… Read More »

Maintain Your Rights While Teaching This Fall!

CUFA supports the University mission for knowledge creation and dissemination, its role as an open forum for debate, and as a bastion of learning. Indeed, the University’s success in these endeavours is only possible because of the expertise and efforts… Read More »

Update on Access to Offices

We asked Interim Deputy Provost Nadia Hardy when faculty members might be able to gain access to their office. This was her response: “The Quebec government recently delayed the opening of stores in the Montreal area until at least the… Read More »

Remote Teaching—Privacy and Intellectual Property Concerns

The Canadian Association of University Teachers’ (CAUT) last memo offers sound advice regarding the use of distance education platforms and its implications for privacy, copyright and intellectual property. It is also a helpful reminder that campus closure and transition to… Read More »

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