Support to our McGill Colleagues

The Association of McGill Professors of Law (AMPL) is faced with a particularly uncooperative employer who, for the past 18 months of negotiations, has resorted to all kinds of delaying tactics to avoid reaching an agreement.
Last week, over three-quarters of AMPL’s members voted in favour of an indefinite strike starting April 24.
We passed the following motion in support of our AMPL colleagues .

WHEREAS the colleagues of the Association of MgGill Professors of Law (AMPL) are engaged in a long struggle to obtain the first collective agreement for professors in the history of McGill University;
WHEREAS the outcome of their struggle will play an important role in the future of faculty labour relations at McGill;
WHEREAS the McGill administration is doing everything in its power to slow down negotiations, attempt to derail the process and deprive McGill colleagues of their fundamental right to collective bargaining;
WHEREAS AMPL members are on on unlimited general strike as of April 25, 2024, and have never had time to build up a real strike fund;
WHEREAS it is urgent to show the support of CUFA;
Be it resolved that the CUFA affirms its support for the AMPL by committing to make a donation to the AMPL strike fund of $2,000.

To show your support, we strongly encourage you to join the AMPL colleagues on the picket line on Friday, April 26, at 3644 Peel St., at the corner of Docteur-Penfield, just across from McGill’s Faculty of Law.

In solidarity!
CUFA Executive