Clarification Regarding Article 16 of CUFA Collective Agreement (Teaching Load for ETAs)

Dear Colleague,

Please read the important message below.

CUFA was alerted last week by colleagues over some confusion on the part of the Administration regarding the interpretation of Article 16.09 of our new Collective Agreement on workload for ETAs. CUFA promptly asked the Administration to clarify the application of Article 16.09.

The message below was sent by Vice Provost Nadia Hardy to the Deans was jointly drafted and approved by Vice Provost Hardy and CUFA’s Executive and Negotiating team and is based on what was negotiated and agreed to at the bargaining table.


Dear colleagues,

I am writing to further clarify the interpretation of the new article, 16.09 c), regarding workload for ETA members. The article reads:


  1. b) A teaching load not to exceed seven (7) courses per academic year shall be assigned to ETA members in their first contract.
  2. c) After the first contract, a teaching load not to exceed six (6) courses per academic year shall be assigned to ETA members whose duties and responsibilities include normal service to the University. Upon recommendation of the academic unit head, the Dean may increase the member’s teaching load to seven (7) courses if the member does minimal service.

The duties and responsibilities of ETA members, as per articles 16.01 a) and c) are teaching and service. In a nutshell, what article 16.09 c) states is that when an ETA member, who has completed their first contract, meets the normal expectations regarding the duties described in 16.01 c), they should be assigned a teaching load not exceeding 6 courses. A member in their first contract will normally be assigned 7 courses under the assumption that the service expectations for them are reduced in comparison with the service expectations of members in their second contract and thereof.

For further clarity: We understand Article 16.09 to mean that after the initial appointment, the teaching load for ETA members shall not exceed 18 credits, but the Dean may increase the member’s teaching load to 21 credits if the member does only minimal service.  In determining if a member has performed minimal service, the Deans shall evaluate the extent of service on the basis of Article 16.01 c).  Normally, unsatisfactory service performance in the most recent performance evaluation indicates that the ETA member did not perform normal service.

I would appreciate if you can distribute this to Unit Heads.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,




Nadia Hardy, PhD

Vice-Provost, Faculty Development and Inclusion

Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics