Newsletter – October 2023

2023-2024 Number 4
October 2023

CUFA is keeping negotiations at the top of its priorities in the challenging context of the Quebec government’s recent decision to double tuition for international and out-of-province students enrolling in Quebec universities.  

In CUFA latest news this month: 

  • Strike Mandate Vote 
  • Nego Update 
  • Job Action FAQ  
  • CUFA’s ‘Departments Tour’ J
  • Job Action Committee in Place 
  • Alternative Email Address – it’s not too late!  
  • Administration Unreasonable Requests  
  • Other Potential Workload Issues  

Strike Mandate Ratification Vote is Ongoing

If you haven’t done so yet, do cast your ballot!
You have until Thursday, October 26 to do so.
Make sure to check your ‘Spam’ or ‘Other’ folders if you haven’t received your ballot.

Negotiations: Significant but Insufficient Move

As you know, negotiations were interrupted for a few weeks at the employer’s request. They resumed on 18 October when the Employer presented its counteroffer. An important, but still insufficient, step has been taken. The very strong strike mandate granted by the councillors, which is currently being put to a vote of the membership for ratification, has certainly played a role in shifting the Employer’s position. Read the full negotiation update here. 

 A FAQ on Strike Implications Now on CUFA Website

Many of your questions about what happens in the event of a strike and its practical implications is now available on the CUFA FAQ website: 

This FAQ is regularly updated as we receive additional information. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact  

CUFA’s ‘Departments Tour’

Over the months of September and October, CUFA executive and negotiating team members met with colleagues in each academic unit to answer their questions about the state of negotiations and potential actions on employment. This “Departments Tour” is now over, and it contributed to creating a momentum and a show of strength that the Employer did notice.  

Job Action Committees are in Place 

The Executive met at Loyola on Monday, Oct 2, 2023, and organized the different volunteer committees for possible strike action.  These will be mobilized after the strike mandate vote. Each volunteer committee also includes one member of the CUFA Executive, who provides the liaison between the Executive and the volunteer committee.  The volunteer committees include Communications; Membership Engagement; Finance, Strike, Strike services, Picketing.

In addition, the Executive’s Subcommittee on Communications, whose members include Ciprian Alecsandru, Lea Katsanis, and Claudine Mangen, met on Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023, to finalize the Executive’s policy on communications. 

The different volunteer committees began meeting to lay the groundwork for their work. The Volunteers’ Communication Committee met on Wed Oct 4, 2023, and began developing a strategy for effectively reaching out to our members. The Volunteers’ Engagement Committee met on Fri Oct 6, 2023, and will develop a plan to further mobilize our members. 

We will keep you updated on a regular basis as events progress.  

Alternative Email Address
– it’s not too late!

As you know, although the Employer’s monetary offer has progressed, we must be prepared for any eventuality and, should the need arise, we may need to communicate with you outside of Concordia.  Since your professional address “” may not be accessible in the event of a job action, we ask you, if you have not already done so, to provide us with an e-mail address that is different from your professional address. There is still time to use this link and securely deposit your address on the CUFA website.  

Administration Demands with Unrealistic Deadlines

Colleagues have recently received messages containing requests from the Employer with unreasonable deadlines, such as 48-hours to approve a financial report before submitting it to the funding agency. If you receive a similar request from any level of the administration, we strongly recommend that you notify CUFA immediately with a copy of the email you received. These unreasonable requests are becoming increasingly common and, whether due to a misunderstanding or other communication or procedural issues, they must be addressed and dealt with quickly. 

As mentioned earlier, it is important that CUFA is informed of these cases without delay so that it can intervene and clarify matters with the employer on your behalf. Failing to do so will only means we will see these unreasonable demands flourish. 

Other Potential Workload Issues 

If you are asked to do something that you believe does not fall into your responsibilities as an academic, please advise CUFA immediately with a copy of the e-mail or document/form you received. Unless CUFA knows what you are being asked to do, we are unable to act on your behalf.  

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