President’s Report

Winter’s Deep Freeze by Charles Draimin – CUFA Report

“This is the first issue of CUFA Report in 2007 and my first as president. Although things are outwardly quiet, your representatives have been hard at work. Members of the CUFA executive and negotiating team, for example, have spent more than a year laying the groundwork for negotiations, and the team itself has been meeting to craft our position since last spring. In this issue, we present two reports from the negotiating team, one from Lucie Lequin, our chief negotiator, outlining our non-monetary proposals and explaining the difficulties we are facing in starting negotiations, and the other from Ian Rakita, providing some essential background salary statistics.
There is one other issue I want to bring to your attention. This concerns the grievance process. It is not something that will affect many of us directly, but it is important nonetheless because it will influence the way that CUFA and the administration deal with problems that arise between us….”

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