CUFA Report – 30 May 2012

What numbers and considerations should inform decision-making at universities? What achievement targets should we set for the strategic direction(s) of Concordia? Greg Butler discusses three numbers that matter.

CUFA Report – 6 December 2011

In this issue, Chief Negotiator Ian Rakita discusses faculty and librarian salaries at Concordia and demonstrates how they continue to lag behind those at comparable universities in Canada. Read this article and more.

CUFA Report – 18 September 2008

This issue leads up to the open CUFA Council meeting on Monday Sept.22, by rehearsing first the interface of recent constitutional projects with our stalled contractual negotiations, by our president Charles Draimin from Accountancy, and Sociology and Anthropology’s Shelley Reuter.… Read More »

CUFA Report – 31 August 2008

There are two articles devoted to salary concerns: “The Long and the Short of Salary Part I: Salary Structure” by Charles Draimin and “Just Say NO!” by Norman Ingram.

CUFA Report – 10 April 2008

Read all about what CUFA does for you. Also read an insightful view of tuition fees in Quebec, and more….

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