Official Signing of CUFA’s New Collective Agreement

The official signing of the new Collective Agreement took place on April 15th in the presence of Concordia University President Alan Shepard, Provost and Vice-President Graham Carr and some members of his office, CUFA President Ian Rakita, CUFA Vice-President Ted Stathopoulos, members of both negotiating teams, CUFA’s Executive Committee members and staff and some members of Concordia University Human Resources department. This newly signed agreement comes fully into effect on Tuesday April 23nd (Monday 22 being a holiday).

Congratulations to the CUFA Negotiating team and the Executive who toiled tirelessly to achieve this result. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Ian Rakita, president of CUFA, reflects on the hard work it takes to negotiate a collective agreement. “Thanks go out to both bargaining teams for hundreds of hours of work throughout this year-long process,” he says. He adds that he’s proud of the work of both parties and believes it is an essential long-term investment in the university. “We are all working toward making Concordia the best institution possible. This agreement is a testament to how well we work together in an effort to make that happen.”


Alan Shepard and Ian Rakita signing CUFA 2018-2021 Collective Agreement

Photo © Concordia University