International Women’s Day 2023

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Embrace Equity.” Nice motto, but how does that translate into the workplace?

At the bargaining table, CUFA presented an amendment to Article 35 on parental leave that would allow members returning from such leave a reduced workload until the child is two years old. This was a request made by female members during our pre-negotiation consultations. If accepted, it would very concretely help parents—all parents, not just women, but they are the ones still predominantly in charge of childcare, so this will benefit them primarily—to better balance their work and family obligations. The restrictions of COVID and working from home made this reconciliation even more acutely challenging during the pandemic. CUFA was then very much solicited, offering support where possible to accommodate members.

Negotiating an improved Article 35 is a continuation of CUFA’s efforts to help and facilitate the working conditions of our members—mothers and parents generally. Another decided step towards more fairness in the workplace to position Concordia to do even better in #EmbracingEquity.