Free Homa

Homa has been detained for 2915 days with no access to legal counsel, family members or much needed medication. Let’s work together to make sure she doesn’t have to wait another day.

Homa’s freedom is our freedom too. Please help.

Help us help Homa by showing the nation, if not the world, that academic freedom is worth fighting for. We all need to keep up the noise by taking the steps outlined here.

Individual CUFA members wishing to help defray the cost of our media campaign calling for Homa’s unconditional and immediate release are asked to log on to the CUFA website and select “Homa Media Campaign” from the “Member Area” menu to make a donation.

While we can only accept donations from CUFA members, members of the public wishing to make an individual donation can contact for more details.

For regular updates on this case, follow us on Twitter at @cufa_apuc

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