Want to share your views on faculty life? Participate in a study on faculty well-being.

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The following invitation email is forwarded on behalf of researchers conducting a study about faculty members’ occupational well-being.

This email is to inform you about the opportunity to participate in a research study examining determinants and outcomes of occupational well-being among faculty members. The survey can be completed wherever you have access to internet. It will take you about 20 minutes to complete this online survey. 

 Reasons to participate in the survey include:


1.To have an opportunity to reflect on your occupational well-being as a faculty member.

2.To receive a summary of findings about the determinants and outcomes of occupational well-being as well as your scores if you are interested.

3.To contribute to the advancement of knowledge about faculty members’ occupational well-being and this can benefit your peers in general and also inform institutions to revise their policies and regulations.


If you are interested to participate in the study, please click on the link below:




If you have any questions or concern, do not hesitate to contact the researchers at zaynab.sabagh@mail.mcgill.ca and alenoush.saroyan@mcgill.ca.


Thank you for your time.




Zaynab Sabagh, MA

PhD Candidate 

Educational and Counselling Psychology

McGill University

3700 McTavish Street, room 544

Montreal, QC



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