1. University Appeal Board:

Arts & Science:
NEW: Dr. Ann English, Chemistry and Biochemistry, until May 31, 2015
NEW: Dr. Donald Boisvert, Religion, until May 31, 2015
Returning: Dr. Elizabeth Bloodgood, Political Science, May 31, 2015
Returning: Dr. Dmitry Korotkin, Mathematics and Statistics, May 31, 2015

NEW: Dr. Danielle Morin, Decision Sciences and MIS until May 31, 2015

Returning: Dr. Deborah Dysart-Gale, CES, until May 31, 2015
Returning: Dr. Martin Pugh, MIE, until May 31, 2015

Fine Arts
Returning: Leopold Plotek, Studio Arts, term until May 31, 2015
NEW: Yehudit Silverman, Creative Arts Therapies, term until May 31, 2015

Returning: Mia Massicotte, term to end May 31, 2015
Returning: Luigina Vileno, term to end on May 31, 2015

Secretary of the Committee: Andrea Renaud

2. Joint Grievance Committee:

Association Regular Members
Gerard Gouw (ENCS)
Bryan Campell (A&S)

Association Alternate Members
Linda Dyer (JMSB)
Françoise Naudillon (A&S)

University Regular Members
Rama Bhat (ENCS)
Stephane Brutus (JMSB)

University Alternative Members
Paul Allen (A&S)
Kathleen Perry (FoFA)

3. Pension and Benefits Committee

Bryan Campbell (A&S)
June Chaikelson (A&S)

4. Grievance Officers

Chris Ross (JMSB)
Gail Fayerman (JMSB)

5. Joint Employment Equity Committee

June Chaikelson (CUFA)
Philippe Caignon (Administration)
Michelle Nokken

CUFA Member Suggestion Box

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