1. University Appeal Board:

Arts & Science:
NEW: Dr. Ann English, Chemistry and Biochemistry, until May 31, 2015
NEW: Dr. Donald Boisvert, Religion, until May 31, 2015
Returning: Dr. Elizabeth Bloodgood, Political Science, May 31, 2015
Returning: Dr. Dmitry Korotkin, Mathematics and Statistics, May 31, 2015

NEW: Dr. Danielle Morin, Decision Sciences and MIS until May 31, 2015

Returning: Dr. Deborah Dysart-Gale, CES, until May 31, 2015
Returning: Dr. Martin Pugh, MIE, until May 31, 2015

Fine Arts
Returning: Leopold Plotek, Studio Arts, term until May 31, 2015
NEW: Yehudit Silverman, Creative Arts Therapies, term until May 31, 2015

Returning: Mia Massicotte, term to end May 31, 2015
Returning: Luigina Vileno, term to end on May 31, 2015

Secretary of the Committee: Andrea Renaud

2. Joint Grievance Committee:

Association Regular Members
Gerard Gouw (ENCS)
Bryan Campell (A&S)

Association Alternate Members
Linda Dyer (JMSB)
Françoise Naudillon (A&S)

University Regular Members
Rama Bhat (ENCS)
Stephane Brutus (JMSB)

University Alternative Members
Paul Allen (A&S)
Kathleen Perry (FoFA)

3. Benefits Committee

June Chaikelson (A&S)
Jorgen Hansen (A&S)

4. Pension Committee

June Chaikelson (A&S)
Michel Magnan (JMSB)

5. Grievance Officers

Linda Dyer (JMSB)
Gail Fayerman (JMSB)

6. Joint Employment Equity Committee

June Chaikelson (CUFA)
Philippe Caignon (Administration)
Michelle Nokken (ENCS)

CUFA Member Suggestion Box

Have a suggestion about negotiations or something else? Please share your input with us!